Our division is focused on educating physicians and medical students of our department on clinical research and also newly developed techniques.

Research Fellowship

We invite especially international postgrads to temporarily join our department and engage in cutting-edge clinical research. While we are currently unable to provide funding, we offer involvement in various research projects and support to publish the results as a first author in renowned scientific journals.


We are clinical instructors of dual-energy CT and other radiology workshops in the United States, Asia and Europe and encourage international medical imagers to visit us.

Medical Students

We consistently offer dissertations ("Doktorarbeit") to medical students of the Goethe University in Frankfurt. All our medical students are involved simultaneously in multiple projects and write their dissertation about the best suited project.

We offer 1:1 supervision by a member of our staff, a guaranteed successful dissertation (!), publications as a co-author to fill your CV (see PubMed links on the Members page), and support with writing the thesis. In return, we ask for usually 1 year of work on multiple projects.