DEI – Reorganization

After the departure of Dr. Albrecht and Dr. Lenga in 2022, the DEI group has been reorganized and a restructuring  took place this year.  Since October 2022, DEI is led by Dr. Booz (head of division) and Dr. Martin (deputy head of devision).

Close research collaborations will take place with the University Hospital Messina under guidance of Dr. D’Angelo, and with the Bundeswehrzentralkrankenhaus Koblenz (Dr. Waldeck, PD Overhoff).

In addition, collaborations regarding MSK imaging will be conducted with Eintracht Frankfurt (Premier league football club in Germany) and the german football society (DFB) under guidance of Dr. Yel.

DEI’s research will stay on the fields of spectral CT imaging in the fields of cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, oncological & thoracic imaging. Another focus of our research will be the correlation of quantitative CT with other imaging modalities (MRI, PET) and the evaluation of new MRI and angiography algorithms.