DEI @ ECR 2019

Once again the Division of Experimental Imaging has made numerous contributions to the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, thanks to its scientific work in the past year. Every member was invited as a speaker for scientific presentations in various categories. While Dr. Ibrahim Yel demonstrated the value of static first-pass dual-energy CT perfusion analysis in patients with acute pancreatitis, Dr. Christian Booz introduced the use of artificial intelligence in bone age assessment. Dr. Moritz Albrecht showcased a robot-assisted percutaneous placement of K-Wires during minimal-invasive interventions of the spine and Dr. Simon Martin highlighted the value of fractional flow reserve computed from triple-rule-out CT angiography data in the emergency department. Dr. Lukas Lenga informed the audience on dual-energy CT in patients with fatty liver disease and in DECT pulmonary angiography.

All presentations were recorded and can be watched online at needed).


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